Please take the time to read the rules and if you have any questions join our Discord.

This is a community where you can come to relax and talk shop with other gearheads about gaming, gear, planes, trains, automobiles, and the like. We routinely have events, giveaways, and contests for best auto so keep this server on your radar!


  • Respect the Community. This includes being polite/kind to your fellow members, and listening to the directives of the staff. No slurs of any kind (racial, cultural, religious, etc) are allowed in Gearheads and Gamers. This includes casual conversation.
  • NSFW content or conversation is not allowed at Gearheads and Gamers. This includes conversation, images, and links.
  • Do not spam message, and please refrain from posting chain messages (ex: Cooldog)
  • Do not ask to become Admin/Moderator. (These are granted at owner discretion.)
  • No Advertising. (Unless approved by Owners/Admin.
  • Any concerns regarding this server or it’s content can be addressed to Staff.
  • Typical procedure for breaking the rules starts with a mute before progressing to a ban. However, a staff member can ban at any time they deem appropriate, so be aware of the rules and follow them!

If you are interested in joining our specialists role use the following application form to apply.
Any and all Feedback is welcome as well! The best way to do that is with our feedback/contact form:

Final Note:

From all of our staff and server owners; we would like to thank you for joining our server, enjoy your stay and have fun!

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